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The School of Choice in Litchfield Park, Az

Here at Little Sunbeams Preschool, providing superior-quality education is our priority. Discover why parents and guardians throughout Litchfield, AZ and the surrounding areas entrust their children’s preschool education to us. Read our clients’ testimonials, and learn why choosing our school is the best decision for your child’s future.

"Little Sunbeams Preschool is an awesome preschool...not daycare!!

I love the philosophy of the curriculum and how they tie it to nature and help the children be responsible for their own learning and actions. This is NOT a daycare. The kids are learning so much more than just play time. There is a monthly curriculum theme that is sent home each month so parents can participate in their children's learning. Books are also sent home each night for parents and child to read together. And the teachers record the positives of each day in a journal for each student that also gets sent home each day. The play area may be small, but it provides for tons of learning opportunities such as gardening, and encourages the children to use imagination during play time. The school updates their classroomsa and play yard every summer with something new and exciting. The have a good balance of activities both indoors and outdoors.

All the teachers are wonderful and take great care my son and the other students. They constantly communicate any issues that might arise, and keep parents fully informed on academic progress.

The school is clean and safe place for him and his classmates. Each student washes their hands immediately upon entering school to ensure germs are washed away. The prices are comparable or less than similar other preschools, and the added benefit of the schools flexibility in scheduling is worth the price.

I highly recommend Little Sunbeams preschool, and in fact, I am pregnant with my third child and am already planning on sending him to Little Sunbeams in two years when he is old enough!!" 

-Nadine J.

"Little Sunbeams is an amazing preschool!!! The teachers here are wonderful, thoughtful, caring & make sure that the kids come first. My daughter has been coming here for almost 3 years.

This is more then a daycare. The curriculum here is way above what is expected for a preschool and it shows in my child. There is plenty of time for playing, arts & crafts as well as just learning. She is constantly coming home with project, pictures, drawings & so many arts & crafts." 

-Kristin M. 

“I would recommend this school to everyone. My two kids previously went to a different preschool, but it was really just a daycare. Their daily needs were met, but they weren't learning a whole lot. Here, our kids are treated so good, and they are learning a lot. They are finishing up their first year at Little Sunbeams, and both of my kids are beginning to speak in Spanish, recognize all of the letters of the alphabet, and count to 100. The learning goes so far beyond the traditional preschool curriculum. They had an art show and learned about Vincent Van Gogh. My kids talk about healthy habits, and cleaning up after themselves. The school is clean, and child friendly. I also love that the teachers give me a written summary daily of how my kids are doing. The school is also very reasonably priced (and much cheaper than the chain preschool they went to before). When we left the other school, they told us we get what we pay for. At Little Sunbeams, we get SO much more than we pay for. Our kids get ten times the education and progress they were getting before.”

- Gina DiVenti

“My daughter just stared yesterday, and she loves the school. In just two days, she learn so many Spanish words! I love the teachers and staff they all very friendly, not to mention the price is great!!”

- Gabby Porcayo Macias

“Our daughters love it! I really like the Reggio Emilia approach, their creativity really gets stimulate it. The teachers are very sweet and caring! They also have a Spanish program which is a plus and their rates are affordable. I highly recommend it!”

- Margherita Riello

“Great school. My son is very happy and well cared for.”

- Sean Montaño Greene

“Best preschool in the west valley!! Hands down, no one else even comes close.”

- Michelle Diaz

“Love this preschool. All the teachers really put heart into all they do with the kids. Hard to find a place like this these days.”

- Andrea Hanson

Your words and recommendations can go a long way. Feel free to send us your reviews, comments, or suggestions. You may send your messages through phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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