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School-aged Childcare

We offer school-aged childcare during district breaks. This includes games, activities, snacks, and more! 


  • Higher IQ

  • Improved language skills

  • Larger vocabulary

  • Improved memory

  • Better problem solving

  • Increased perception

  • Improved reasoning

  • Cognitive flexibility

  • Higher-order thinking

  • Improved multi-tasking

  • Cognitive boost

  • Raised language sensitivity

  • Better language learning
  • Improved reading/writing
  • Improved verbal/spatial ability
  • Improved music skills
  • Improved math skils
  • Improved overall performance
  • More university opportunites
  • More job opportunities
  • Improved travel experiences
  • More flexible viewpoints
  • Broader world view
  • Stave of age-related dementias

Creative Movement is so important in a young child's life. Not only physically by helping them  develop their gross motor skills, but also mentally as it gives children the ability to use their imagination. Every class takes a 30 minute creative movement and music class throughout the day.


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