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Curricular Overview by Age Group

Early Preschoolers (Two-year-olds)

Our early preschool curriculum focuses on involving your child in discovering his/her environment through our engaging centers, namely water/sand, music & movement, dramatic play, literacy, atelier, and construction. Each of these centers is designed to channel two-year-olds’ energy and curiosity toward discovering important elements in our environment such as water, soil, sound, movement, shapes, and language.

Preschool (Three-year-olds)

Little Sunbeams preschool curriculum focuses on exploring themes of your child’s own interests, listening to your child’s questions, and developing readiness skills for Preschool success. Your child will develop a strong sense for his/her natural languages of learning, and strengthen communication kills. Several learning centers will give your child an opportunity to explore in more depth cognitive principles such as numbers, sequencing, designing, constructing, and patterns.

Pre-Kindergarten (4-5 year-olds)

The emphasis in the Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is to develop fine motor skills, and literacy skills for success in Kindergarten. Your child will continue to experience project-based learning using various forms of expressions to document their learning such as sculpting, painting, drawing, dramatic plays, poetry, and writing.

Other Key Curriculum Components

Spanish program

All children will participate in a 45 minutes to 1 hour Spanish class each day. This class includes circle time and literacy. However, we believe that student’s everyday language in Spanish will be developed more fully while Spanish continues to be the main language of communication during off-class time such as recess, snacks, and lunch. Parents may choose this option upon registration.

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